You’ll be amazed how easy and inexpensive our music is to use!

A simple one-off fee and you are cleared for multi-platform, worldwide use – forever!

What is Media Music?

Library & Bespoke music for use in Radio, TV, Film, Advertising, Online and Corporate videos etc.

What is the difference between Library & Bespoke music?

Library music is less expensive than commissioning a composer to write bespoke music. It’s already composed and recorded. It can be licensed and downloaded instantly from our website and is often available in a number of different edits and mixes.

Bespoke music is commissioned and composed to our clients’ brief and is for their exclusive use. Product costs and licence fee vary depending on our clients’ requirements.

What do I need to do to use Media Music in my production?

Simply purchase the appropriate music licence, download the music and validate your licence.

What is a music licence and do I need one?

If you use a piece of music but don’t own the music rights you must purchase a music licence – in this case from The licence grants you permission and rights to use that music in any way defined by the licence, e.g. radio, TV, film etc.

Music may be licensed on a Per Track, Per Production basis or an annual Blanket Licence may be purchased.  See our Media Music Rate Card for full details.

How do I purchase my music licence and download music?

That’s easy!

On each track you wish to use, select the appropriate licence using the “Select Options” dropdown menus. Then click add to cart.

When you’re ready to make your purchase, click on your shopping cart and checkout with PayPal.

After completing your purchase, you’ll receive an email containing:

  1. Your transaction id number
  2. Your licence
  3. A link to download your licensed music
  4. A link to validate your licence. We just need to know who the production house is and the name of the intended production. There is a Media Music Register link under the Resources in the web page footer, so you can enter this information at your earliest convenience.

Remember, your licence isn’t valid until it is registered.

And you need to be signed in as a member to complete your purchase. If you’re not already a member, you’ll be invited to join during this process. It’s free to join.

How do I validate my music licence with you?

Use the URL provided in your purchase confirmation email and fill in the validation form and submit it.

This is necessary to connect the audio and licence with your production and validate your licence.

What is a Cue Sheet?

When you license and download Media Music, you need to give the music details etc to any broadcasters of your production. They can then submit the details to their local royalties’ collection organisations, RCOs.

A Cue Sheet is a simple document production companies use to report the details of the music etc used in a production and supply it to any broadcasters of the production.

This is important so that Performance Royalties are properly accounted for and the composers get paid accordingly. Normally, only broadcasters pay performance royalties not the producer.

What format is my music delivered in?

All music is delivered as high quality WAV files – typically 30 to 40MB each.

I’ve purchased more than one track should I download them one by one?

Yes, a separate link is provided for each WAV file. , WAV files are large – typically 30 to 40MB each. Some broadband packages have a download limit of 100MB so to be sure your successfully receive all your music files download them one by one.

Can I compile a short list of possible music?

Yes easy!Simply select the appropriate licence and add the track to cart. You can then review, add and remove tracks in your shopping cart, before deciding on your final purchase.

Can I use music I’ve already licensed in another production?

Yes. But you must purchase and validate another licence appropriately.

Alternatively you can purchase a hugely discounted annual blanket licence.T Then you can use as much music as you like for a one off annual fee!

How much will a licence cost me?

You’ll be amazed just how affordable our liceces are!

We offer very simple and straight forward pricing options.

Prices vary dependent on use. See our Rate Card or track drop-down options for prices.

Licences are available on a per Track use in a single production.

Per Production for multiple use of a single track in a single production.

Alternatively you can purchase a hugely discounted Annual Blanket licence. Then you can use as much music as you like for a one off annual fee. Bargain! See our Rate card for prices.

How do you make your music licences so affordable?

We believe that by creating a simple licensing structure that is cost effective, we will become your first choice for licensing media music.

You will make massive savings on your production costs. And our artists will receive more performance royalties.

Everyone’s a winner!

Remember, performance royalties are normally paid by broadcasters – not the producer.

What does my music licence cover?

You are cleared for multi-platform, worldwide use – forever – with a simple one-off fee. And no cost per region or platform. This includes all costs normally paid by the production company.

Music is licensed for use in the specified production(s) as you have listed them when validating your licence. It cannot be given or sold to third parties in any format without a further licence and permission obtained from

The broadcaster, distributor or manufacturer normally pays any Performing Rights royalties.

Distributors or manufacturers of music-only CDs normally pay any Mechanical royalties.

What are your Terms & Conditions?

See our Media Music licensing Terms & Conditions.