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First, a brief introduction to this website.  Scrambledegos.com was designed with usability and accessibility being paramount.  Its usability design was founded on Andy Pearson’s thirty plus years in the industry as a singer songwriter and working in commercial radio.  The website uses technology that works across all types of platform so music, downloads and licensing are possible out on the road as well as at home or in the office.

As far as we know, scrambledegos.com is the only company offering both music downloads and licensing for media productions for our contributing musicians.  Each area works independently with different ways of browsing music.

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How Good Are Your MP3 Downloads?

All our music passes our stringent quality approval process, so if you like the style of music you’ll love your music download.

All music downloads are in finest possible quality MP3 format.  In technical terms, they’re stored at 320kbs, which surpasses what many music downloads sites offer and is on par if not surpasses that offered by iTunes.  These MP3 will not disappoint you when played through your hi-fi.


How Do I Download Music?

After you’ve purchased your chosen music downloads, you’ll receive an email containing links to the download link(s).

Albums can be downloaded in a single compressed zip file or by the individual songs in MP3 format.

Once downloaded, you can manage your music in your usual manner.


Can I Browse, Play And Download Music From My Mobile Device?

Yes.  Scrambledegos.com is designed to work across all platforms.  The website can be viewed on mobile devices, such as Androids, iPhones, iPads etc.  You can browse, play and download music on the move from your mobile device.

Note that the link to the music downloads is emailed to you.  As soon as you receive your email, you’ll be able to start downloading your music.  See How Do I Download Music for more information.


Why Can’t I Create An Account In IE6?

Scrambledegos.com has been extensively tested in Chrome, FireFox and Safari.  from independent tests, believe Internet Explorer works fine from version 7.0 onwards.  We’ve resolved most issues with IE6 except the ability to create an account or display asterisk characters in password entry forms.  Many software developing companies have stopped supporting IE6, so unfortunately we’re unable to fully support IE6.  Your best option is to upgrade your web browser to either Chrome or FireFox – you’ll be glad you did.


Why Don’t You Use Flash?

Many mobile devices don’t support flash media.

Flash isn’t supported by search engines and is a technology that is being superseded.


I Haven’t Got Flash – How Do I Listen To Media Music?

Media music utilises flash media to directly access music from our library.  Unfortunately our standard music player cannot be used in this manner.  The only way to play the music without flash is to follow the link provided.  This will take you to the product page where you will be able to listen to the music and find out any other information relating to that piece of music.