Please prepare your files meet the following criteria to ensure your submissions are approved and presented to your fans/media companies as you expect.

Extras For Your Profile Page(s)

Images should be in jpeg format and no bigger than 300px along the longest length.

Video clips can be any format that’s acceptable for YouTube.

MP3 Downloads

MP3 Download audio files must be highest 320kbps quality setting.

Files must be named as you want them to appear in your fans’ music library and end with extension MP3 (NOT mp3), e.g. Song Title.MP3.  This ensures downloads directly to mobile devices appear properly in music libraries.

Media Music

Media Music audio files must be provided in WAV format for commercial clients.  The MP3 edits for audition on the website should be 128kbps for quick load times.

Media filenames must be in the format; Song Title-Artist Name-Edit Length-Genre.  Please give the full length time of the track if it’s not a 30, 20 or 10 second edit.  You may provide as many edit variations as you wish, as long as there is significant difference between them.

Compress all the files into zip files no larger than 100MB. and give them unique names.