How do I join as an artist/band?

First join as a free member.  Then you’ll receive a confirmation email containing a link for artist registration.  If you’re already a member, click here.

There are no more forms to fill in. Register as an artist with a click of a button.  Then you can set up your free artist profile and upload music.

How much is this going to cost me?

Absolutely nothing. That’s the beauty of the three core options we offer, you only stand to make money.

Membership is free. We host your music for free. Create your profile for free. We only take a percentage of sales, so we only make money if you do.

How do I sell my music through

Click here and join up for free.

Sign in.

Then register here as an artist to access the Artists’ Resource Page where you’ll find resources for creating profile page(s), uploading your music and monitoring your sales!

You’ll also find this link and many other useful links under the Resources section in the footer of most web pages.

Where can I upload my music?

Uploading your music is easy and effective using our FTP upload facility.  This is presented to you upon completion of the appropriate forms detailing the music tracks.

You can upload your files efficiently with our FTP uploading facility.

Upload your files efficiently with our FTP uploading facility.

Alternatively, you may prefer to post us a CD containing your music.  The address for posting your CD is included on the webpage containing the upload facility.  Remember to include the relevant information so we can cross reference it with the details you submitted online.

Check out how to prepare our music, pictures and videos for uploading.

It’s as easy as ABC with our natural work flow.

Everything is available through the Artists’ Resource Page after you’ve registered.

Am I still free to exploit my music elsewhere?

Yes. Think of Scrambled egos as one of many music shops to sell your music through and increase your sales. You are still free to place, sell and licence your music anywhere else you choose.

 Do I still own the rights to my music?

Yes absolutely 100% of any music included in our Music Download Shop and Media Music Options.

 I co-wrote my music, do I need their permission?

Yes. When you submit music you will have to confirm you have permission to do so from everybody that’s been involved in creating it and that they agree to our terms and conditions. The monies you receive form sales, you then divide and share with them however you all agree.

Can I remove my tracks at any time?

Yes. Much as we’d love you to keep all your music with us, if for any reason you wish to remove any of your tracks or cancel your free membership and leave the site completely, you’re free to do so. All we require is 28 day notice via email.

Do I have to include my music in all the options?

No. It’s your choice. Remember though the more options you choose the more chance you have of making money from you music.

Currently we offer 3 core options.

  1. Music Download Shop.
  2. Media Music A. or B.
  3. Bespoke Music.

What is Music Download Shop?

You upload your tracks, EPs and Albums, then we promote and sell downloads to our customers and you receive 50% of the net sales.

What is Media Music all about & How do I license my music?

Radio, TV, Film production companies, music supervisors and advertising agencies all need music for their productions. Media Music is where you can offer your music as library music also known as production music.

Companies can then purchase a licence to use your music in their productions. Library music is non-exclusive, meaning the company does not have the exclusive right to use the music and it can be licensed over and over again to numerous companies. An industry term for matching up music with adverts, television programmes and films etc, is synchronisation. You receive 50% of net licence fees. In addition to licence fees you can then collect royalty payments.

What are royalty payments?

If we license your library music for example for use in a film, every time that film containing your music is publicly shown or broadcast, the broadcaster or cinema have to pay a licence fee part of which is a performance royalty or fee for you as the composer of the music and a performer if you performed on the recording. The more it’s shown or broadcast the more royalties you receive. If that film is released on for example DVD you are also entitled to mechanical royalties.

How do I collect my royalties?

We can collect them for you as per our Media Music A. Standard Rate option. If we licence your library music and there are royalties to collect, we can register the music with all the various royalty collection organisations. Any associated registration or membership costs are paid for by us not you. We manage all correspondence, royalty claims and account with them, collect royalties on your behalf and retain a commission of just 25% then pay you 75% of net. Under this option we will act as your publisher but only for any licensed music, and should something big come up for you elsewhere you’re free to leave at 28 days notice. You retain your full copyright and we will no longer act as your publisher, collect any royalties on your behalf or any further commissions for or we can still collect your royalties as before but only if you request it – extremely artist friendly!

Can I collect my own royalties?

Yes if you choose our Media Music, B. Limited Special Offer option, but it will be your responsibility to join at your own expense all the appropriate royalty collection organisations, register and administer all your licences to receive your royalties.

Obviously we would not be entitled to any commission but it would mean a lot more work for you when you could be getting on with the real job of composing more music, but we like to give you the choice anyway – extremely artist friendly!

What is Bespoke Music all about?

Bespoke or tailor made music is commissioned by our clients for their exclusive use, unlike library music. (See Media Music for library music description).

Radio, TV, Film and media companies often request tailor made music for their productions.

Licences are exclusive but generally sold for a considerably higher price than for library music.

Member composers will be invited to submit or compose music to fit our clients’ brief, agreed fee and licence.

Licence durations and fees are negotiated by with our client prior to being offered to our member composers. If your music is accepted by our client you receive 50% of net licence fee.

We register each licensed track with the appropriate royalty collection organizations (RCO’s).

Any associated registration or membership costs are paid for by us not you.

We manage all correspondence, royalty claims and account with RCO’s collecting royalties on your behalf and retain a commission of 30% and pay you 70% of net. Under this option we will act as your publisher for any licensed bespoke music. As this music is exclusive and specifically commissioned by our clients we will remain the publisher for the length of the copyright.

How do I get paid?

When you join you will be asked to supply us with your PayPal account details. If you don’t already have one you’ll need to set one up to receive your payments. Each time your account balance reaches £20.00, it will be transferred into your PayPal account within one calendar month.

What are net sales?

Net sales, refers to the profit after all costs relating to that sale have been paid, for example taxes and costs incurred for PayPal transactions.

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